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Last week, Empire Barbell TV went live with the first installment of "Weekly w/ Bromley and Russ". New to life in front of the camera, Mr. Russell and myself cracked into a bottle of Jameson to ease our stage fright.

The minutes of our pilot episode include the mindset of a bodybuilder (hint: it isn't a healthy one), habits for success, hate as a performance enhancer, and whether or not Brandon Allen does indeed Heil Hitler. As the shots pile up, the filter comes off. And stay tuned to the end for an honest discussion of a few lifting legends who may or may not be complete assholes.

This first installment clocks in at an hour and 22 minutes. We aren't so full of ourselves as to think we are entertaining to anyone for an hour and a half, so future episodes will be clipped to 30 minutes or so and center around more individual topics.

If you like what you see, please subscribe. We are also taking feedback and recommendations at every turn. Want a topic discussed? Have some insider information? Send it our way and we will get it on the show.

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