Empire Barbell believes that structure and discipline are integral to success. While we offer a rugged training environment and access to specialty equipment, it is the knowledge and experience in these walls that set us apart. 

This facility is open to all potential trainees, regardless of experience or training background, so long as they abide by the rules of conduct. Everyone is here to learn, train, and grow.

Members Code of Conduct

Empire Barbell sets itself apart from all other gyms by featuring a supportive, competitive, and knowledge based training environment. This means that everyone is responsible for treating the gym and its members with respect by not interfering with, sidelining, or sabotaging the training of others.


This interference occurs when trainees:


  -Spread misinformation in an attempt to sound informed

  -Leave the gym a mess for others by not cleaning up after themselves

  -Continue to talk casually while someone is about to attempt a rigorous set

  -Disrespect their team with poor efforts and inconsistent training

All trainees are required as part of their membership to:

  -Train Hard

  -Take Notes

  -Stay in Their Lane


Monthly - $57 - 2 month minimum. Cancel any time. First and last paid up front.

1 Year Membership - $469     30% off!

Lifetime Membership - $1499

Single-Day Pass - $15 per person. First time is free to locals.

Please contact us for special circumstances, such as temporary residency.

Hours of Operation

24/7 for Members

Staffed Hours

M-F   9:00am to 12:30pm

         1:30pm to 5:00pm

Sat   10am to 2pm

Please check the website and our IG account for event updates!


IG: @empire_barbell

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1200 Arizona St, B7     Redlands, CA


Empire Barbell

1200 Arizona St. Sp B7

Redlands, CA